Arctic® apples: Nature’s favorite fruit just got better

better appleWe’ve all experienced apple losses associated with enzymatic browning – whether on your packing line or at your desk during your mid-morning snack.  Enzymatic browning is more than just a cosmetic problem – it is a significant cost to every link in the apple supply chain. Our nonbrowning Arctic® apples solve this problem, while offering the apple industry an innovative new product to again excite consumers about apples.

Beauty of Arctic apples is more than skin deep

Arctic apples are a beautifully-engineered solution to what is more than a pesky cosmetic problem. Your favorite varieties are coming soon as nonbrowning Arctic apples.

Arctic apples benefits cross the supply chain

Just as browning costs each link in the supply chain, solving apples’ browning problem offers benefits and savings on the farm, at the packinghouse, at retail, and in foodservice – and ultimately drives sales by pleasing the consumer.

The science behind browning - and nonbrowning

Enzymatic browning results from a complex chemical reaction that begins when the apple’s cell is disrupted – for example by bruising, biting or cutting. Learn more about the science behind browning, and how we “made” a nonbrowning apple.

Let consumers decide about Arctic apples

Give the marketplace a chance: Third-party research suggests that consumers are in favor of genetically modified foods when the modification benefits the consumer. Our own consumer research also shows that not only are consumers interested in a nonbrowning apple, once they learn more about the science behind Arctic apples their interest in purchasing them increases further!

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