You’ll be able to enjoy Arctic® apples with confidence

We invite you to enjoy Arctic® apples with great confidence (when they do arrive at market). By then, Arctic® apples will be one of the most studied foods of all time. And we are planning to label Arctic® apples for added consumer transparency.

Arctic non browing apples assuranceNo overnight success

Arctic® apples have been in development since 1997, when our science team began searching for a genetic solution to apples’ enzymatic browning problem. Our test orchards were planted in 2003 to 2005, allowing plenty of time to observe and evaluate both the trees and their fruit. By the time Arctic® apples arrive at market, they will be one of the most studied foods on the planet.

Our assurance to you

Here are some of the reasons why we are so confident about Arctic® apples:

  • Our science team is among the best credentialed in the world
  • The science behind Arctic® apples is simple compared to other biotech foods that are already sold in the marketplace
  • Our field trials are being managed and data is being collected by professional horticulturists with decades of experience
  • Arctic® apple trees behave no differently than other apple trees – they grow at the same rate, they flower and fruit in the same way, and they react to pests and other orchard conditions as non-Arctic® apple trees do
  • Apple trees aren’t “weedy” – that is, they don’t escape cultivation to crossbreed. Remember, new apple trees are propagated by grafting, they aren’t grown from seeds.
  • The composition and nutrition profiles of Arctic® apples are comparable to other apples (until the apple is bruised, bitten or cut, that is!)

Rigorous review ahead

Because Arctic® apples are enhanced through biotechnology, government regulators must review and approve them before these apples can be brought to market. So you can be even more confident in the safety of Arctic® apples when they do arrive at market.

Labeling for transparency

To ensure full consumer transparency, Okanagan Specialty Fruits is voluntarily choosing to label Arctic® apples. The apple industry already packs and labels apples separately by variety, as a standard practice; the same will be done for Arctic® apples. For more information, read about labeling here.

(Did you know? Those small stickers found on fruits and vegetables contain Price Look-Up Codes (PLU). Four-digit codes indicate the produce is conventionally grown. Five-digit codes that begin with 9 indicate organic produce. Five-digit codes that begin with 8 indicate the produce item was developed with biotechnology.)

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