We’re Growing: Information Systems/Technology Manager

Position: Information Systems/Technology Manager

Location: Summerland, B.C.

Department: Administration

Reports to: Andrew Hofer, Director of Finance, Accounting and Administration

Status: Full Time



Leading the market with Arctic® branded fruit products that consistently deliver exceptional eating experience to consumers through transparent stakeholder outreach, communication and innovative science.


Okanagan Specialty Fruits Inc. (www.okspecialtyfruits.com) is a dynamic agriculture biotechnology company based in Summerland, BC, Canada that specializes in the development and market introduction of novel tree fruit varieties. This position, responsible for supporting, developing, implementing and managing all information systems and technology used within the OSF spectrum of operations, in conjunction and collaboration with Intrexon IS resources, using Intrexon equipment, and in compliance with Intrexon operational policy, to support OSF’s constantly expanding range of activities, including the commercialization of our nonbrowning Arctic® apple varieties (www.arcticapples.com) in both the US and Canada.


Position Requirements

  1. A combination of at least 10 years of experience or professional training in at least three of the following areas of experience: Technical Support, Service Delivery, Project Management, Systems and Database Administration, Business Analysis and System Architecture.
  2. Bachelor’s degree related to Computer Science or related field.
  3. Enthusiastic, positive energy that aligns with the company’s entrepreneurial attitude.
  4. Strong technical, analytical and problem-solving skills.
  5. The ability to work under pressure.
  6. Mandatory attention to detail.
  7. Ability to work within a team environment, skilled at both interpersonal verbal and written communication.
  8. High degree of organizational and time management expertise.


Position Responsibilities

  1. Investigate, plan, develop and guide the execution of all OSF systems activities within an established and approved budget using cost-effective solutions to support identified business requirements.
  2. Organize and monitor the purchase and implementation of software and hardware solutions and upgrades, including identification of established quality and performance standards with respect to existing technology, as well as forward looking strategic solutions.
  3. Develop, train, and guide of identified OSF IS and IT resources, as they become necessary and available.
  4. Guide scheduled maintenance of OSF information systems, including upgrades, patches, and other activities and requirements.
  5. Develop and help implement (with other departments) OSF standard operational policies related to information and systems security (internal and external), system usage, user training, and system availability.
  6. Conduct ongoing gap analysis and improvement of information systems and technological platforms to ensure positive change and continuous reduction of technical deficits.
  7. Manage all IS and IT related projects at OSF, including review and effectiveness testing to ensure adherence to identified quality standards.
  8. Provide guidance on selection and upgrades of information technology and systems, including database, ERP, CRM and other identified systems.
  9. Coordination with other OSF managers to ensure proper prioritization and execution of IS and IT activities supporting agreed business requirements.
  10. Establish service delivery and customer service standards that need to be supported by IS and IT activities.
  11. Acting as a central point of contact for all IS and IT related activities beneath the OSF umbrella.
  12. Perform other duties as directed by supervisor.

Please email cover letter and resume to careers@okspecialtyfruits.com. Applications will be accepted until February 28, 2019.

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