USDA comment period on Arctic® apples comes to a close

Arctic® Grannies and Arctic® Goldens are both one step closer to market with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) concluding their 60-day comment period yesterday (September 11, 2012). Okanagan Specialty Fruit’s petition applying for the deregulation of our nonbrowning apples was released for public review and input on July 13 and the past two months have been a very exciting time for our small company!

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There has been a tremendous amount of attention from the media and even more from consumers, who submitted around three times the number of comments on the Arctic® apple petition as the nine other biotech crops undergoing this process combined. Some comments were negative, some were positive, but we thank everyone who shared their opinions, especially those who took the time to learn about science and benefits of Arctic® apples first.

With this important milestone achieved, we are eagerly looking forward towards 2013, when we expect to have a final decision released from the USDA. This comment period has given us a renewed sense of optimism and confidence that Arctic® apples will be fully deregulated and consumers can finally have the opportunity to enjoy truly nonbrowning apples for themselves!

About Neal

You may know Neal as President and Founder of Okanagan Specialty Fruits, but he is also a bioresource engineer with over thirty years of experience working around the world. It was through this firsthand experience that Neal was convinced that biotechnology can help farmers meet ever-expanding global food demand.

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