The Lowdown on GMOs with Kevin Folta

When looking for information on a subject as deeply complex as agricultural biotechnology, it’s important to get the facts from reputable experts. Fourat Janabi is a writer, entrepreneur, and photographer who has worked around the world, spanning 27 countries and 5 continents. Yet, even a worldly individual like Janabi can be easily misled when it comes to ag-biotech.

Much like environmentalist Mark Lynas and a number of others who were previously staunch opponents of biotech food, he has now embraced the evidence and apologetically states “I had no idea what I was talking about.” He explains that he had formerly obtained his information from biased sources but after delving into more of the objective evidence and reaching out to reputable experts, he realized his error.Dr. Kevin Folta

One such expert sought by Janabi is Dr. Kevin Folta, a plant geneticist who works at the University of Florida. Janabi found the exchange extremely informative and hoping to share this information with others, he has posted his Q&A with Dr. Folta on his website Random Rationality. Key questions are answered, including:

  • Why is there so much misinformation on biotech foods?
  • What benefits can biotech crops offer that other production methods cannot?
  • How can consumers differentiate between good information vs. bad?
  • Is there any split in the scientific community when it comes to the safety of biotech foods?

Dr. Folta provides detailed, insightful responses with a unique blend of scientific accuracy and refreshingly blunt honesty, and we highly recommend you read the article in full here!


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