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New Arctic ApBitz™ dried
apple snacks!

Our vision is to develop new commercial tree fruit varieties that offer exciting benefits to the entire supply chain, from growers to consumers. Okanagan Specialty Fruits’ first commercial product, nonbrowning Arctic® apple varieties, are ideally suited to do just that.


About OSF

Get to know the team behind the nonbrowning apple

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The Science

The innovative science of improving your food

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Arctic Granny w-slices

Arctic® Apples

We did it. Distinctly nonbrowning biotech apples

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Explore the Arctic Advantage

Nonbrowning apples offer countless benefits

Grower benefits:

more apples packed out at a higher grade & fewer apples wasted

Retailer benefits:

create consumer excitement with new products & appealing displays

Processor benefits:

higher quality products & no need for costly anti-browning treatments

Foodservice benefits:

overcome the biggest barrier to foodservice applications: browning

Exploring Ag-Biotech

The history of agriculture is one of frequent, deliberate improvements to the food we grow.

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Apple Supply Chain

Nonbrowning Arctic® apples offer significant value throughout the supply chain.

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