Agricultural biotechnology is a complex topic which can lead to a great deal of public confusion and the proliferation of misinformation. Here we provide a handful of sources for evidence-based information on agricultural biotechnology below, and links to notable biotechnology organizations and regulators. For information relating to produce consumption and healthy eating, please visit the Resources section of the Arctic® apples website.

Genetic tree

Sources for GMO information:

  • GMOs 101: Your Basic Questions Answered – To help increase consumer understanding of GMOs, in 2017, Congress provided funding for an Agricultural Biotechnology Education and Outreach Initiative, which calls upon FDA to work with EPA and USDA to share science-based educational information about GMOs, beginning with answers to some basic GMO questions.
  • Academics Review – An independent, non-profit organization founded by two professors of food microbiology, nutrition, and safety that compares claims relating to food safety and technology to the peer-reviewed science
  • Alliance for Science – Supported by a $5.6 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Cornell Alliance for Science focuses on collaboration and communications to promote access to agricultural innovations.
  • Biology Fortified – An independent, educational non-profit organization that aims to enhance public discussion of biotechnology and other issues in food and agriculture through science-based resources and outreach
  • GENERA – A “GENetic Engineering Risk Atlas” that functions as a searchable database of peer-reviewed research on the relative risks of genetically engineered crops that includes important details at-a-glance
  • Genetic Literacy Project – An independent, non-profit organization funded by grants from non-partisan foundations, the Genetic Literacy Project “explores the intersection of DNA research and real world applications of genetics with media and policy to disentangle science from ideology.”
  • GMO Answers – A consumer-friendly site where anyone can submit questions to be reviewed and addressed by credentialed experts on the subject, including those from leading academic institutions, industry groups and representatives from member companies