Putting the tech in biotech

By now you may be quite familiar with the nonbrowning trait in Arctic® apples, and hopefully have had the chance to taste the orchard-freshness of our apples for yourself. The biotechnology behind our apples benefits the entire supply chain and helps ensure fewer apples are wasted and more apples get tasted. What you may not realize, however, is the technology that goes into growing Arctic apples.

Okanagan Specialty Fruits® is a vertically integrated company. As proud as we are of the science behind our apples, we are equally proud of our state-of-the-art orchards and the care that goes into growing each and every Arctic apple. This video gives a unique glimpse into just that!

About Denise Briggs

Denise Briggs is the Communications Specialist for Okanagan Specialty Fruits. She resides in the beautiful Okanagan Valley with her family and values working for a company that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

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