Podcast: Discussing Arctic® apples with Neal Carter

This past July, Okanagan Specialty Fruits’ president, Neal Carter participated in a podcast series from the Ayn Rand Center’s “Voices for Reason” blog. We’re pleased to share the news that the full audio recording is now freely available!

Neal is interviewed by Dr. Amanda Maxham, and he explains the science behind our nonbrowning Arctic® apples, highlighting how and why they were developed. Many other tough topics are also tackled, including the challenges a small, 7-employee company like ours confronts with an extremely rigorous regulatory system and a proliferation of misinformation on agricultural biotechnology.

We think you’ll agree that Neal does not shy away from providing candid, emotional responses over the 30 minute interview. We hope you listen to the full audio recording here and find it as insightful as others have!


  1. Mel

    I listened to it from Amanda’s blog post. It was very informative, with great answers from Neil and great questions from Amanda. Besides the science presented, I think presenting the business problems the hysteria is making is important.

    I follow Amanda on Twitter, so that’s how I first heard of the interview. Later in the day though, I happened on some tweets and retweeting going on by people I didn’t know, which is good because I believe this interview deserves wide distribution.

    Best wishes for the apple and the team.


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