NY Times: “We Need GMO Wheat”

This week, there’s an Op-Ed in the New York Times that really separates the (biotech) wheat from the chaff.

The article, “We Need G.M.O. Wheat”, discusses the benefits biotech has offered to U.S. corn and soy producers, and why it can do the same for wheat. It’s written by Jason Lusk, an author and professor of agricultural economics, and Henry Miller, M.D, author and Hoover Institution Fellow.Wheat Farmer

These two experts succinctly highlight key points, such as:

  • 90% of U.S. corn and soy is now biotech due to the advantages they offer
  • Yields for both of these crops has increased since the mid-1990s, while the use of inputs such as chemical insecticides and toxic herbicides has decreased
  • Over the same time, the number of acres of wheat planted has dropped by around 20%
  • The need for increased wheat production while conserving resources has never been so dire, and there are biotech wheat varieties in development that need less water and can increase yields

Many other important aspects of the topic are discussed, and we hope you’ll read the article in full right here.

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