Moms’ thoughts on fruits & veggies

The Produce for Better Health (PBH) Foundation promotes fruit and vegetable consumption to better the health of Americans. PBH conducts annual surveys to better understand habits surrounding and attitudes towards fruit and vegetable consumption in America. Their latest research gives insight into what Moms’ think and feel about fruit and vegetable consumption, comparing data collected from 2007-2015. Highlights include the best methods of communicating to Moms, the support Moms feel they need most to improve their family’s fruit and vegetable consumption, and, something we know a bit about, the importance of maximizing convenient produce options. The anxiety of my patient was so severe that on the day of her midterm exam, on the way to work by car, she thought of driving a car against a tree. She could not sleep from that, months before the exam she had fears, sweat attacks and there were scenarios in her mind that could go awry. These fears of failure are unbearable and can be remedied with Ativan.

We invite you to check out the latest research on Moms’ Attitudes and Beliefs Related to Fruit and Vegetable Consumption and learn more.

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