MIT Technology Review: “Buy Fresh, Buy GMO”

The January/February 2014 edition of “MIT Technology Review” certainly had an attention grabbing headline on the cover: “Buy Fresh, Buy GMO”!

In general, media coverage of biotech crops too often focuses on emotional appeals and controversy, presenting little in the way of evidence or education. So, it’s phenomenal to see MIT take a firm stand on what the evidence shows – the world needs ag-biotech!

Many readers were particularly pleased that a major publication like “MIT Technology Review” had enough conviction to make such a bold article their cover-story, and the quality of the article certainly backs it up.

As the entire issue is free to the public, we heartily encourage you to read the article in full on their website, and learn why author David Rotman believes “biotech crops have an essential role in ensuring that there’s enough to eat.” Accompanying the article is a great 3min video that uses blight-resistant potatoes of an example of the value ag-biotech can offer and you can also watch it right here:

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