Jessica Brady joins our growing team!

Hi, I’m Jessica Brady, I recently became a part of Okanagan Specialty Fruits’ marketing and communications team. I hope you will join me in sharing the Arctic® apple story. And if you have any neat apple recipes, I’d love to hear about them. You can reach me by email, Twitter and Facebook, and check out our recipe ideas on Instagram and Pinterest too.

So why am I excited about Arctic® apples? It started with my love of baking!

You see, as I’m writing this, I’m looking out my window at 2 feet of deep snow. And one of my favorite ways to warm up in winter is to bake some treats for my family.

In the warmer months, you’ll find me in fields and orchards, picking fruits to eat fresh and freeze so I can use them all year long.

Apples, strawberries and saskatoons are some of my faves, and we even grow wild raspberries in our yard. And if I see a “U-Pick” while driving, there’s a pretty good chance I’ll just pull right over to get in on the fun.

But here’s the thing, no matter how hard I try to get my apple recipes looking as colorful as my berry bakes, they always end up brown!  And my attempts at freezing apple slices for quick-bake pies were a disaster because as the slices thawed, they quickly turned brown and I never did bring myself to use them. What a waste!

Now, thanks to the Arctic Advantage™, I’ll soon be able to freeze Arctic® apple slices for pie (or crisp!) and they will look as fresh as the snow outside my window. That’s because Arctic® apple varieties keep their natural color when they are sliced, bitten, and frozen. So no excuses for not using up every last bit.

I am excited to represent a family company that’s helping to reduce food waste. And the Arctic Advantage™ will make it so much easier for families like mine to eat beautiful and healthy fruits all year long!


About Jessica Brady

Jessica hails from the prairie region of Canada and is excited to work as Manager, Industry Relations & Education for a company that combines two of her favorite things: agriculture and innovation.

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