Growing Arctic® apples is cutting-edge work

Okanagan Specialty Fruits is currently awaiting U.S. government approval to begin growing and selling Arctic® apples. In preparation, we are seeking cutting-edge growers and other business partners who share our vision of the clear possibilities of nonbrowning Arctic apples.

Meet grower and OSF founder Neal CarterMeet grower and Okanagan Specialty Fruits founder Neal Carter

Neal Carter, an apple grower himself, founded Okanagan Specialty Fruits in 1996 with a vision: Marry the best of science and nature to revitalize consumers’ interest in apples and other tree fruits, to benefit both consumers and producers. Here, he talks about that vision in more detail.




Arctic apple videos


What motivated a grower to found Okanagan Specialty Fruits?

How did Okanagan Specialty Fruits create a nonbrowning apple?

Why do we need a nonbrowning apple?

Are Arctic apples safe?

If I go to a grocery store and buy an apple, will I be able to tell
if that’s an Arctic apple or not?

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