Eat more apples with Arctic®

We all know we need to eat more fruits and veggies for our better health – and apples are both nutritious and delicious. You can add more apples to your diet easily with Arctic® apples, perfect for your busy lifestyle.

Convenient and healthy – the perfect combo!

Whole apples are already highly portable, so nonbrowning Arctic® apples are super-portable. You will notice:

  • In the car: Arctic apples won’t mind when you dash off on errands between bites.
  • At the office: Go ahead and take that phone call, Arctic apples will wait patiently.
  • At school: Arctic apples can handle a little jostling in the lunch box, and still be appealing at lunch time.

arctic apple slices

A little slice (or dice) of heaven

Now that slicing and dicing apples is so simple, you’re going to find you eat a lot more apples:

  • Snack time: Little hands love apple wedges. Let the kids keep right on playing, Arctic apple wedges will keep on looking fresh and tasty.
  • Sandwiches: With the crispy crunch of Arctic apple slices on your sandwich, you could work on through lunch (but you won’t want to).
  • Salads: Go ahead and chat through dinner, diced Arctic apples on your salad will still look mouth-watering.

apple pie

Baking is a piece of cake (er, pie!)

Baking with Arctic apples lowers the stress level while upping the presentation:

  • Easy as pie: No more rushing to get your pie apples sliced before they go brown.
  • Nonbrowning Betty: Same goes for slicing and dicing apples for your apple betty, cake, cobbler, crisp, crostada, crumble, galette, muffin, slump, strudel, tart or turnover.

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