Dr. Savage: Arctic® apples pose no cross contamination risk

Dr. Steve Savage knows a thing or two about plant technology. He obtained his B.S. in Biology from Stanford University and his PhD in Plant Pathology from UC Davis and in the 35 years since, has been deeply involved in agriculture with an emphasis on crop innovation. Dr. Savage is also a skilled communicator, with an active Twitter account (@grapedoc), over 250 blog posts since 2009 and a new website, www.drstevesavage.com, devoted to communicating about agriculture.

So, there are few individuals more appropriate to tackle one of the most common myths we hear: that Arctic® apples will “contaminate” organic apple orchards. Dr. Savage’s conclusion? “The organic apple growers of British Columbia are not threatened in any rational way by the potential commercialization of genetically engineered apples.”

We encourage you to check out the full, must-read article, “Are Organic Apples At Risk of Being Redefined As Contaminated”

*Disclaimer: Dr. Steve Savage is not compensated by Okanagan Specialty Fruits in any way. All opinions stated in this article are his own.

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