Consumers choose GE corn over conventional

David Walton, whose family has been farming in Iowa since 1836, has a philosophy that “each generation MUST leave the soil in better condition than we found it”. To this end, he employs a variety of crop production methods, including both GE and conventional seed, to produce high-quality food. Despite seeing the value biotechnology can often offer to farmers like himself, he’s often wondered if the public would embrace biotech crops more readily if these foods offered direct consumer benefits.

David recently put that speculation to the test by selling both GE and conventional sweet corn at his roadside stand. What he found was that consumers were extremely impressed by the taste and visual appeal of the biotech corn, and when they recognized these benefits the fact that it was GE barely even registered! Better still, this GE sweet corn also allowed David to avoid the use of insecticides – a benefit that both he, the environment, and his customers were all quite pleased with.

We encourage you to read David’s full story at the Genetic Literacy Project: “Sweet corn roadside taste-off: Customers learned, sampled and chose GE over conventional”

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  1. Fervil

    I was really impressed too for this news! Thanks Joel for this post. I couldn’t agree more that each generation must leave the soil in better condition than we found it. It tells us that we should take care of something in order to make benefit not just for us but also to others. I was amazed of the biotech crops that produces good quality of production/crops and of course a lot of people will love this idea! Kudos to you David! 


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