Canada seeks public input on Arctic® Apples

CFIA seeks public comment on Arctic® apples

OSF’s nonbrowning Arctic® apples are taking another important step toward getting more people eating more apples. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has posted our submission for unconfined environmental release of nonbrowning Arctic® Golden and Arctic® Granny apples for public comment.

More than 15 years in the making, this is a major milestones for Okanagan Specialty Fruits, for apple consumers and for the apple industry. So what’s next?

  • To learn more about the Canadian process for evaluating plants and plant foods developed through biotechnology, we have generally described that process here.
  • Decide for yourself.  Review CFIA’s posting of our Notice of Submission for a summary of the safety and similarity of Arctic® apple trees and fruit to their conventional counterparts.
  • Show your support for apple biotechnology! Biotechnology can deliver countless benefits to producers and consumers alike. Let your provincial, regional or national association know you support Arctic® apples and the future of biotechnology, and submit a favorable comment to CFIA.

The bottom line

Browning is a real supply chain cost, and Arctic® apples offer real benefit. The science behind Arctic® apples is simple compared to other biotech foods already in the marketplace; we simply used gene silencing to turn down the enzyme expression that causes apples to brown. Consumers have told us they are interested in a nonbrowning apple, and are supportive when they learn biotechnology delivers the goods!

It’s time to get more people eating more apples! That’s a goal everyone can support. Contact us to learn how you can get involved.

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