Arctic® apple slices deliver unparalleled eating experience

As we shared on our blog last week, the first Arctic® apples will come to consumers as ready to eat, preservative free fresh apple slices – and with good reason! We’ve already highlighted Arctic® apples’ wholesome and ready to eat attributes; here we chew on how the nonbrowning advantage of Arctic® apple varieties enable preservative free slices to offer consumers an unparalleled eating experience.

Preservative Free

It’s great to be able to take part in a positive trend like healthy snacking, but what separates ready to eat Arctic® apple slices from what’s already on the market? A key advantage is that Arctic® apples don’t require preservatives or other anti-browning treatments to keep fresh slices from turning an unappealing brown color. Not only does our nonbrowning varieties’ Arctic Advantage™ benefit keep fruit looking fantastic, which consumers can see for themselves through the transparent window on the bag, it gives them delicious slices that are unmatched in quality.

When consumers enjoy a bag of Arctic® apple slices, we want them to experience nothing but 100% apple goodness. From the smell of fresh apples when first opening the bag, to unparalleled taste since Arctic® apple slices are preservative free thanks to their nonbrowning advantage, their eating experience cannot be beat! Supporting this idea, ~2/3rds of consumers we surveyed told us they’d be more likely to buy sliced apples that did not require preservatives.

Unparalleled Eating Experience

With Arctic® apples, our goal is to increase consumption, not just cannibalize sales of other apple products, and we think offering an unparalleled eating experience with healthy, convenient apple slices is the way to do it!

In our consumer intercept studies, we asked consumers about their experiences with pre-sliced apple products they’ve tried in the past. Many consumers expressed their eating experience with previously purchased brands was less than ideal. A common criticism was that pre-sliced apples simply did not taste as good as a freshly cut apple. Without the need for preservatives, the Arctic Advantage™ nonbrowning benefit means that Arctic® apples overcome this common criticism!

As for proof of the great taste of Arctic® apple slices, we’ve shared the results of past taste tests, which you can check out here (spoiler: Arctic® apples were the run-away preference!). Better yet, we recently concluded additional consumer research in the first quarter of 2017, and the results are even better!

We very much look forward to sharing more detail of these results in the coming months, but in the meantime, we hope this has provided a small slice of the many reasons we are first launching Arctic® apples as preservative free, ready to eat fresh slices!


  1. Hi I was wondering about your sliced apples if you would sell them to us. Every year we do bbq’s in our 11 indigenous communities Portage College services in Northe Eastern Alberta. The last few years we have served chips for the kids but we are really looking to come up with a healthier choice to serve our indigenous communities as we are going to have a big focus on education and eating healthy with the large focus to be on the young kids in the schools. If you can please get in touch with me to discuss that would be awesome. My number is 780-623-5591.

    Thank You,

    Rick Flumian
    Manager community Relations

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