Apple growing is cutting-edge work

While apples have been grown by humans for thousands of years, there’s no doubt modern apple production is cutting-edge work. From defending crops against environmental and pest-related pressures to the development of exciting new apple and rootstock varieties, those who fail to improve the techniques used in their orchards will be left behind by the early adopters of beneficial advances. We aim to not only be among those leading the way, we want to work with others who desire the same advantages!

Neal Carter Picking an Arctic Apple

Grower benefits of Arctic® apples

  • Less impact from finger bruising, bin rubs and other superficial damage
  • Higher packouts and less waste means higher returns
  • Incremental value due to more fruit packed out at a higher grade
  • Better suitability for mechanical harvesting
  • Arctic® apple growers will be given priority to potential future traits such as fire blight and apple scab resistance

Learn more about Arctic® apples’ impact throughout the supply chain: