Foodservice operators – now you can use LOTS of apples.

Consumers spend nearly half of their food dollars on food prepared and consumed away from home, yet apples are shockingly rare in the foodservice arena because of the browning issue. Just like the “snackability” of “baby” carrots gave a major boost to the presence of carrots in foodservice and created an overall consumption trigger, nonbrowning apples can accomplish similar gains for the apple industry by dramatically increasing freshcut suitability.

Arctic apple breadstick substitute

Foodservice benefits of Arctic® apples

  • Arctic® apples overcome the biggest barrier to foodservice applications: browning
  • Foodservice operators need not be concerned about serving bruised/discolored apples
  • Increased versatility can lead to more menu options with health appeal
  • Makes it easier for menu creators to add color, crunch and eye-appeal
  • Dishes like wraps, sandwiches, salads, breakfast cups all are natural fits for nonbrowning apples