Apple Supply Chain

The importance of a forward-looking apple industry

As farmers, we are very aware of the challenges faced by our fellow apple industry members. Apple consumption has been stagnant for decades, apples are among the most wasted foods on the planet, and evolving techniques are needed to ensure we have a sustainable path forward.

Arctic apple supply chain

Supply chain benefits of Arctic® apples

While we have a number of cutting-edge projects in the pipeline, it was important to us that our first product offer a wide range of benefits to all members of the industry:

Partnership opportunities with OSF

Please contact us if you’d like to discuss partnership opportunities with OSF. We’re excited to work with pioneering organizations throughout the supply chain to ensure the successful commercial introduction of our flagship product – nonbrowning Arctic® apples – so let us know if you’d like to be part of our groundbreaking endeavors.

Beyond Arctic® apples, our unique expertise in developing fruit varieties with beneficial traits with the help of biotechnology can offer countless opportunities that we look forward to exploring.

OSF at Fresh Summit 2015

Learn more about the impact of Arctic® apples throughout the supply chain.