Ag-West Bio Company Profile: Okanagan Specialty Fruits

Because our company’s main lab is located in Saskatchewan, we are very fortunate to be members of Ag-West Bio, an organization that specializes in developing the life sciences industry in the province. Ag-West Bio is a not-for-profit, member-based organization that helps foster connections and education, especially through events like Canada’s National Biotechnology Week, which successfully concluded last month.

Ag-West Bio recently released their Annual Report, which is publicly available right here, and they featured Okanagan Specialty Fruits in one of two company profiles (pages 14 & 15). The profile, titled “Science interacts with social media”, explores the science behind our nonbrowning Arctic® apples, the challenging road to market for a biotech crop and our commitment to education and communication, including our emphasis on connecting with consumers via social media.

We encourage you to view the full company profile here or by clicking the thumbnail below.

Company Profile: Okanagan Specialty Fruits

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