A (Genetically-Modified) Apple a Day…

There has been significant media coverage on Arctic® Granny and Golden apples since the U.S. Department of Agriculture opened the 60-day comment period on OSF’s petition for deregulation July 13, 2012. Few of these articles are written by as well-credentialed authors as Henry Miller and Robert Wager, though. 

Dr. Henry I. Miller, MS, MD served for fifteen years in the US Food and Drug Administration amongst numerous other positions relating to biotechnology and regulatory processes. Robert Wager has a BSc in microbiology, a master’s in biochemistry and has been heavily involved in educating the public on agricultural biotechnology for over a decade. Their co-authored article, “A (Genetically-Modified) Apple a Day…” was recently published by the Hoover Institute. In it, they explore the science behind Arctic® apples and the controversy surrounding them and agricultural biotechnology as a whole in a well-researched and thought-provoking manner.   

The article, published just days before the public comment period closed September 11, 2012, can be viewed in full on the Hoover Institute here.

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