Fire blight in pears

New variety development in pears has recently been added to OSF’s work plan.  The company has platform technologies that can be applied to pears, and transformation know-how is in place to facilitate the effective use of precision breeding in pears. 

The first product focus is PPO inhibition in popular pear varieties (Bartlett, Anjou and Bosc).  This will mirror work completed in the development of the non-browning apple, and a non-browning pear will offer similar grower, processor and consumer benefits. 

As work in fire blight resistance progresses in apples, this trait will be brought forward into the pear variety development program as well.

Considerable interest has been shown in the development of dwarfing characteristics in pears and/or pear rootstocks.  Breeders have made some progress in the development of new pear rootstocks and we feel we could help advance this effort.  Furthermore, tree architecture is of interest to the industry and we feel there is opportunity to partner with various institutions looking into new growth habit, vigor management and tree canopy structure in pears.

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