Arctic® apple offers superior fresh cut, processed products

apple foodsProcessors play an important role in taking new produce products to market. Processed Arctic® apples – such as freshcut fruit, and juices – offer line extension opportunities akin to low-hanging fruit (pun intended).

Arctic apples are a natural for processors.  The freshcut fruit and fresh juice markets have boomed in recent years – yet apples haven’t enjoyed a commensurate piece of that pie given their position as America’s favorite fruit. Why? In large part, because of the limitations of apple browning.

The benefits of becoming a licensed Arctic apple processor include:

  • The competitive advantage of a new entry into the processed fruit category
  • No evident slicing damage
  • Significantly lower use of antioxidant treatments on freshcut apples, significantly lowering production costs
  • More of the apple’s natural flavor shines through, without the mask of off flavors caused by antioxidant treatments
  • Longer-lasting  eye appeal of freshcut, dried and processed apples
  • Apples can be dried without relying on antioxidant sulfites, significantly lowering production costs
  • Allergen issues associated with sulfite use on dried apples are avoided
  • Apple juice and sauce that is the color of apples offer new blending, product and ingredient opportunities,  as well as extending product line options

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