Real-world solutions to real supply chain problems

apple harvestOSF harnesses the power of biotechnology to address real-world supply chain problems. To solve those problems, we marry the age-old art of fruit breeding with modern science tools. Specifically, we apply biotechnology to the world of horticulture.

Our first offering, truly nonbrowning Arctic® apples, exemplifies OSF’s approach. Apple browning is more than a mere cosmetic issue – it costs every link in the apple supply chain, from the grower to the end consumer. Our science team has engineered a nonbrowning solution that it turn confers benefits to every link in the supply chain.

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Here are a few of the supply chain benefits of nonbrowning Arctic® apples:

  • Consumers will be drawn to a nonbrowning apple for its appeal and convenience. Arctic apples will provide a more enjoyable eating experience, leading to more people, buying more apples, more often. Whole or sliced, fresh or baked, at home or on the go at school, work, and everywhere in between.  
  • Producers will benefit from many production-related savings of a nonbrowning apple. Arctic apples won’t show finger marks or bin rubs, resulting in less cullage and higher packouts – putting more money in growers’ pockets. Arctic apples will even prove more suitable for mechanical harvesting. 
  • Packers will enjoy the fact that a nonbrowning apple will show little to no bruising from packing line handling. Arctic apples will deliver preferred results, whether packing, storing and shipping. 
  • Retailers will benefit from a nonbrowning apple in several ways. Arctic apples offer lower shrinkage and the related savings, while a whole new line of improved apple products will generate consumer excitement in the apple category. 
  • Foodservice operators will enjoy the ease and utility of a nonbrowning apple. Arctic apples will require no extra preparation time, saving preparation labor costs, while opening up countless menu opportunities for all meals, all courses. 
  • Freshcut apple processors will find nonbrowning apples dramatically reduce their costs and improve product quality. Arctic apples won’t exhibit slicing damage, requiring considerably less antioxidant treatment. The apples’ natural flavor can better shine through, increasing demand and ensuring that apples gain a greater share of the rapidly expanding freshcut fruit market. 
  • Juice and sauce processors will find nonbrowning apple juice and sauce allows for new product uses and line extensions. Virtually clear Arctic apple juice can easily be blended without adding color, and more of the variety’s natural flavor shines through in juice, cider and sauce.

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