Help wanted: commercial partners

Help wantedInnovative new products don’t get to market by themselves – it takes teamwork. OSF is seeking a range of partners to help us commercialize and market our new biotechnology products, starting with our first offering of Arctic® apples.

OSF is currently seeking the following partnerships:

  • Owners and/or license holders of innovative new fruit trait technologies
  • Nurseries, to propagate and distribute Arctic apple trees
  • Growers to field test Arctic apples, and produce them for the marketplace
  • Packers and shippers to take Arctic apples to market
  • Retail and foodservice partners to supply consumer “push”
  • Freshcut and other processors

OSF can offer:

  • Sublicensing for the use of OSF’s PPO gene silencing technology
  • Processor licenses to collaborating parties for pre-commercialization activities, and future product marketing
  • Genetic engineering enabling technologies that offer freedom to operate in a number of vector designs and transformation approaches
  • Transformation know-how in pome and prunus tree fruits

For more information about any of these opportunities, contact

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