Savings and benefits for every link in the supply chain

Apple grower Neal Carter founded Okanagan Specialty Fruits with a bold vision: To re-energize the tree fruit industry by delivering exciting new products that appeal to producers and consumers alike. Arctic® apples are our first offering – but not our last.

apple supply chain

The entire supply chain benefits

Nonbrowning Arctic apples are a novelty, in more ways than one. Their engineering is certainly groundbreaking. So too is the fact that Arctic apples offer benefits and savings to every link in the food supply chain – from the producer who grows them, to the consumer who enjoys them from the very first to the very last bite. Imagine the possibilities of truly nonbrowning Arctic apples, from tree to table. 

You can get in on the ground floor

“One word: Plastics!” If The Graduate were filmed today, Mr. McGuire would advise Dustin Hoffman’s character to pursue opportunities in biotechnology. We invite you to get in on the ground floor with Arctic apples and OSF’s other future products.

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