PPO-inhibited cherry

Bruising of blush-type cherries, the off-coloring of cherry fruit flesh and the browning of stems are common post harvest quality concerns among cherry growers, packers, exporters and importers. A number of factors contribute to these problems, including oxidation of phenolic compounds.

OSF plans to utilize our knowledge of the polyphenol oxidase (PPO) gene developed via our Arctic® apple project to extend this approach into cherries. A PPO-inhibited cherry is not as likely to have the off-color and off-flavor problems found in conventional cherries during post-harvest packing and transit. Furthermore, most blush-type cherries bruise and mark easily. The inhibition of PPO in these fruits will help improve their post harvest appearance.

As advancements to the cherry genomics and transformation systems take place, OSF will develop a PPO-inhibited cherry to assess proof of concept concerning the quantifiable benefits and value of new PPO inhibited cherry varieties. Our company has a range of germplasm to work with and is actively following the outputs of breeding programs around the world.

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