The Non-Browning Apple

Just about every person can identify with that apple that has been cut or partially eaten and set aside for a few minutes, only to find the flesh all brown and unattractive when you come back to it. This "browning" is evident in most fruits and vegetables, and is very active in most tree fruits. OSF patented Polypheunol Oxidase (PPO) technology is able to silence the browning reaction, to deliver a fruit that will not turn brown when cut or bruised.




will be drawn to a non-browning apple for its appeal and convenience.
A non-browning apple will provide a more enjoyable eating experience and lead to increased consumption in many new ways: as a better, more appealing apple for eating whole or for favourite recipes; and as a fresh-cut apple snack, salad or dessert - either consumed at home, school, a restaurant - or purchased at a retail outlet. A non-browning apple will even produce a tastier, truer-coloured apple juice or sauce.  


will benefit from many production-related savings, includingl enjoying less cullage and higher packouts due to less loss to superficial bruising now caused by finger marks and bin rubs. A non-browning apple will even prove more suitable for mechanical harvesting.


will enjoy the fact that a non-browning apple will show little to no scrabble bruising from packing line handling. Finger bruising will also be significantly less, which will optimize packing, storing and shipping.


will benefit from a whole new line of and improved apple products, lower shrinkage and enhanced display appeal.


 will enjoy a non-browning apple as it will have greater appeal and utility in restaurants and the food service sector. Today’s consumers spend about half of their food dollars on foods prepared away from home, yet apples and apple products are largely absent from restaurants and other food service venues.

Fresh-cut apple processors

will find non-browning apples dramatically reduce current production costs associated with various treatment solutions used to prevent fruit browning.  Non-browning apples will not exhibit slicing damage seen with current fresh-cut products. This will ensure apples gain a greater share of the rapidly expanding fresh-cut fruit and vegetable market.

Traditional processors

will find non-browning apple juice and sauce can be produced in a manner that allows for the production of apple juices that retain many of the individual taste and color characteristics of each apple variety

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