Apples4Ed promotion a highlight of National Apple Month

National Apple Month is always a great time for promoting greater apple consumption, and this year a new program called “Apples for Education”, or “Apples4Ed”, simultaneously promotes education too. We highlight this great initiative and share some great apple pairings and recipes from the Apples4Ed website.

Travelers seeking healthy, convenient options; Arctic® apples a perfect fit

For frequent travelers, getting palatable food while on-the-go is often a challenge, especially healthy options like fresh produce. It appears that airports are doing their best to improve their offerings of fruits and vegetables, though, and we explain how Arctic® apples are a perfect fit with this kind of movement.

Arctic® apples’ freshcut suitability means fewer apples wasted

Reducing food waste is one of the biggest challenges facing not just consumers, but the entire produce supply chain – we all know sustainability is key. This is especially true for apples, which are among the most wasted foods on the planet, particularly at the consumer level. As we explain, Arctic® apples have the potential to address needless waste head-on, especially among consumers like schoolchildren.

New report details differing produce attitudes between moms & dads

The Produce for Better Health Foundation recently released a report titled, “2015 Dads’ vs. Moms’ Attitudes Related to Fruit & Vegetable Consumption. We summarize some of the study’s highlights and discuss the positive implications the results have for nonbrowning Arctic® apples.

Fruits & Veggies—More Matters Month highlighted by “Grab N’ Go” promotion

The Fruits & Veggies—More Matters initiative (FVMM) is something we at OSF wholeheartedly support as it shares our goal of making it fun and easy for consumers to eat healthy. So, we are pleased to highlight the news that September FVMM Month. Additionally, the event’s theme is “Grab N’ Go”, which also happens to be a key theme of Arctic® apples!

Apple industry seeking ways to boost consumption

The numbers don’t lie – U.S. consumers aren’t eating quite as many apples as they used to. We highlight a recent article that explores that very issue and share our own ideas for how to create a consumption trigger. Namely, by opening up the door for more product applications, boosting convenience, and giving consumers a higher quality freshcut apple eating experience through the Arctic® advantage.

Nonbrowning trait enhances varietal strengths with Arctic® Granny

Granny Smith is an iconic, well established variety beloved by producers and consumers alike. Even so, there’s plenty of room to make this popular variety even more exceptional. As we explain, the nonbrowning trait offers major enhancements that emphasize the existing strengths of Grannies for both the supply chain and consumers.

Granny Smith gained prominence for its unique characteristics, but further improvement possible

The story behind the discovery and rise in popularity of the iconic Granny Smith is as unique as the apple itself. In Part 1 of our duo of “Rebranding Granny Smith” posts, we highlight how the variety earned its popularity with many desirable traits for growers and consumers alike, which makes it a great fit for one of our first two Arctic® varieties.

Nonbrowning trait can help revitalize flagging popularity of Golden variety

While supply chain challenges have led to Golden Delicious’ recent drop in popularity, a clear solution is on the way! We explain how Arctic® Golden’s nonbrowning trait can help save costs throughout the supply chain and deliver a higher quality eating experience to consumers.

Restoring the iconic Golden Delicious the reputation it deserves

Historically, Golden Delicious apples have been one of the most popular varieties in the U.S. amongst both consumers and growers. However, their stock has stagnated over the past couple decades. We explain why that’s the case and what can be done to restore the reputation of this versatile cultivar.

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