When it comes to innovation, companies must “walk the walk”, not just “talk the talk”

While innovation is something that nearly every business leader professes to support, in practice many are so risk-averse they actually stifle innovation. We highlight why it pays to be innovation friendly, and explain the risks of risk aversion. 

OSF hits 1,000+ Twitter followers & Facebook likes

We have enjoyed a number of major Arctic® apple milestones over the past few months, and last week we achieved two more! A surge in interest following the approval of Arctic® apples in Canada and the U.S. earlier this year spurred more consumers eager to try the first biotech apples to engage with us on social media.

Nonbrowning Arctic® apples a perfect fit for fresh salads

Apples can add great flavor, crunch and color to salads, yet they are often underutilized due to the browning issue. In support of Produce for Better Health Foundation’s goal of promoting produce consumption, our blog’s latest aims to promote awareness of the “Fruits and Veggies – More Matters” initiative and the value of apples in fresh salads.

OSF’s Neal Carter, Jennifer Armen present at ag-biotech webinars

Recently, two of Okanagan Specialty Fruits’ leaders – Neal Carter and Jennifer Armen – participated in ag-biotech webinars. Neal gave a presentation on “GE Quality Traits” during a webinar hosted by the National Research Council, while Jennifer discussed the “Acceptance of Biotech in Specialty Crops” in a webinar for Chemistry for and from Agriculture.

Biotech approach gives truly nonbrowning apples their Arctic® advantage

As a company founded by apple growers, the value that nonbrowning apples offer, including the potential to boost consumption and reduce waste, is readily apparent. As for why we utilized biotechnology to develop Arctic® apples, we explain that it it’s the perfect way to help us make countless existing apple varieties truly nonbrowning, something that’s just not possible through conventional breeding.

Intrexon's acquisition of OSF becomes official, Jennifer Armen joins OSF senior management

Following a Feb. 27th announcement that Intrexon had entered into an agreement to acquire Okanagan Specialty Fruits, today a press release from Intrexon confirms that the deal is now closed.

OSF interviews Keira Havens, co-founder of Revolution Bioengineering

We feel that nonbrowning Arctic® apples are a great way to bring the benefits of biotech directly to consumers, and recently, we became aware of another company with a similar mission - Revolution Bioengineering. This two-person company is currently engaged in a crowd-funding campaign for an intriguing project – color-changing flowers that consumers can own for themselves! We interviewed co-founder Keira Havens to learn more about their company and project.

Arctic® apples featured in biotech breakfast at California Dietetics meeting

Arctic® apples enjoyed the company of some other value-added biotech crops last weekend, as they were part of a breakfast spread also featuring virus-resistant Hawaiian papaya and high oleic soybean oil. We highlight this biotech-themed breakfast, which was available on April 11th to 300+ attendees of California Dietetic Association’s Annual Meeting. 

Arctic® apple fruit leathers one of many exciting nonbrowning product applications

The benefits of nonbrowning Arctic® apples extend far beyond just apples themselves. Nonbrowning apples can breathe new life into numerous processed apple applications, and fruit leathers are one great example. We explain how the ability to use nonbrowning apple purée means Arctic® fruit leather will retain its original color, and the vibrant colors of other ingredients like raspberries will also shine through.

Revisiting “The War On Science” and shifting the conversation about GMOs

While March was an exciting month for OSF thanks to Arctic® apples receiving approvals in the U.S. and Canada, our one regret is that so much of the resulting conversation revolved around the supposed controversial nature of biotechnology. We examine why misinformation and public mistrust of GMOs persists despite the strong endorsement of the scientific community and what can be done to change the conversation. 

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