Positive coverage of OSF in Canadian Food Insights’ spring issue

Canadian Food Insights, a quarterly magazine distributed to food industry executives, heavily featured OSF and Arctic® apples in their recent spring issue. They discuss OSF’s commitment to transparency, the market challenges and opportunities of Arctic apples, and much more. We invite you to view the full article right here.

Q&A series continues with Part 2 of interview with Dr. Cami Ryan

Last week, we shared the inaugural post in our new Q&A blog series, featuring Part 1 of our interview with agvocate Dr. Cami Ryan. Today, we’re pleased to share Part 2 of this Q&A, which covers mythmaking, engaging in productive discussions with those opposed to ag-biotech, and the future of biotech crops.

New Q&A series opens with Dr. Cami Ryan

We’re kicking off a new, ongoing blog series that will see us interview ag-biotech experts, fellow members of the treefruit community, and others. Our series’ first participant is Dr. Cami Ryan, who grew up around farming and is now an outspoken advocate for agriculture. We invite you to read part one of two for this inaugural Q&A right here.

Vast majority of consumers aren’t put off by biotech foods

General Mills made some waves when they announced they would no longer be sourcing biotech ingredients for their original Cheerios. GMO opponents heralded the move, but a few months later, it’s apparent that non-GMO Cheerios are less nutritious and have not received any sort of sales boost. We explain why this is a noteworthy example that demonstrates the typical consumer is not put off by biotech foods – and for good reason!

Arctic® apples can capitalize on rising demand for prepared foods

There’s no doubt that demand for prepared foods is on the rise, and this offers the apple industry a perfect opportunity to carve out a deeper place in the foodservice industry. Apples are woefully underrepresented in foodservice, but we explain that nonbrowning Arctic® apples are the perfect fit with products like ready-to-eat salad kits and freshcut sides and snacks!

Arctic® apples offer value to dried fruit processors, consumers

Arctic® apples offer value to numerous market segments, but perhaps the most underrated is their perfect suitability for dried fruit products. We explain the benefits nonbrowning provides, particularly in avoiding the need for anti-browning treatments that are both costly for processors and undesirable for consumers.

OSF responds to "GMO Answers" cross-pollination query

"GMO Answers" is a great site where consumers can have their ag-biotech questions answered by experts in the field, and OSF’s Neal Carter recently had the opportunity to address one such query pertaining to Arctic® apples. Shelly from Mansfield, Ohio voiced her concerns that Arctic apples would cross-pollinate with neighboring orchards, but as Neal detailed response explains, cross-pollination is not an issue for a number of reasons. 

Nonbrowning apples a clear choice for OSF’s 1st product

We at OSF are frequently asked why we chose nonbrowning apples for our first biotech fruit. While there are many good reasons, we explain why perhaps none is greater than the potential to open up new markets and boost apple consumption, benefitting everyone from growers to consumers.

International Human Press features article from OSF’s Neal Carter

The online news site International Human Press recently reached out to OSF president Neal Carter for his expert opinion on the importance of innovation in agriculture. Neal was happy to oblige, and we encourage you to read his full article right here, which is titled “Improving our food supply: Biotech apples and beyond”.

Recapping comments received in the final US comment period

With the final U.S. comment period on Arctic® apples concluding last month, we address two of the most prominent Arctic apple myths, highlight some of our favorite submissions to the USDA, and explain what the next step is as we close in on deregulation.

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