Highlighting the top reasons consumers want to buy Arctic® apples

Consumers may select their favorite foods for a wide variety of reasons, and that’s great, because there’s a diverse array of benefits that nonbrowning apples offer. As part of our mall intercept survey, we asked shoppers to let us know which facts made them more likely to want to buy Arctic® apples, and we share the top six in our blog’s latest post.

Taste testers declare Arctic® apples have better texture, crispness & eye-appeal

In our mall intercept survey, consumers were given the opportunity to try sliced Arctic® apples and compare them to slices of their conventional counterparts. The feedback was better than we could’ve expected, as consumers told us the texture, crispness and eye-appeal of Arctic apples was significantly better than that of the conventional fruit.

Survey results demonstrate positive visual impact of nonbrowning

Continuing our new blog series sharing results from our recent mall intercept surveys, we now turn to the visual impact of Arctic® apples. When consumers were shown plates of sliced apples, one nonbrowning, the other their conventional counterpart, it became clear what a huge visual impact the nonbrowning trait offers. We explore the survey results and what this means for Arctic apple demand.

Sharing our consumer research – browning is clearly an issue

Recently, OSF completed a series of mall intercept surveys to learn more about consumer perceptions of our Arctic® apples, and we’re pleased to share some of our key findings over the next few weeks. We’re kicking things off by examining how big of an issue browning is to consumers, and their knowledge of nonbrowning apple availability.

Arctic® apples can help industry realize untapped freshcut potential

It’s clear that the rise of freshcut fruits and vegetables is one of the most important trends for the produce industry of the last decade. We explain how Arctic® apples can help take the apple industry’s freshcut products to the next level by savings processors money and offering consumers a better quality product.

Arctic® apples match up with key Millennial food preferences

Generation Y, or “Millennials”, are now the largest generation of consumers, meaning their preferences will drive food trends for many years. We examine two of the key values that influence their food preferences, identified by recent consumer research, and what they mean for both the produce industry in general and Arctic® apples, specifically. 

Exploring the transfer mechanism, promoter & marker gene used to introduce Arctic® apples’ nonbrowning trait

To introduce the apple genes that silence browning in Arctic® apples, we must use a number of modern science tools to facilitate their introduction. Because these tools may sound strange to the average consumer, misrepresenting their role and safety is a favorite tactic of biotech opponents, but we explain why they are not remotely dangerous.

The importance of grafting in growing genetically consistent fruit

To ensure every Gala, Granny Smith, or any other apple variety tastes the same each time, all apple orchardists rely on grafting and rootstocks to propagate their apple trees. As we explain, grafting is the only way to produce genetically consistent fruit, and the ability to choose rootstocks with specific characteristics is a key component of modern apple production.

Infographic: Modern apple production relies on grafting, adequate pollination

The process of modern apple production has been honed and improved over the years, and grafting is now how all commercial apple orchards are propagated. Additionally, the pollination process is shaped by growers as well, from bringing in bees to using crabapples to help ensure quality fruit. Our new infographic provides a visual representation of how apples are produced "from root to fruit".

Good looking produce department influential in overall store impressions

Recent studies have found that consumers single out the produce department as the most important factor for them when choosing a grocery store. With so much at stake for retailers, we explain how Arctic® apples can help their most important department give shoppers the eye-appeal they’re looking for.

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