Agricultural scientist addresses misleading claims about RNAi

RNA-interference, or RNAi, is a natural mechanism that plays an important role in how genes are expressed. It’s also the process by which Arctic® apples nonbrowning trait is expressed. And, despite the occasional misinformation online that says otherwise, agricultural scientist Dr. Steve Savage explains that RNAi use in biotech crops is certainly no cause for concern.

New apple varieties gaining popularity

In any industry, producers must be sure that innovation helps them keep up with shifting consumer demands. And, when consumers were less than satisfied with existing apple varieties, the apple industry responded with the introduction of modern varieties. We explain the significance of this, and why Arctic® apples are perfectly suited to further this trend of utilizing innovation to satisfy consumer preferences – especially in making high-quality freshcut apples available in more locations.

Anti-GMO groups bullying attempts coming up short

Recently, many anti-GMO groups have devoted significant attention towards campaigns that involve coordinated social media attacks in attempts to force companies to cave to their demands (typically avoiding/switching from biotech ingredients). However, we explain that companies and individuals are standing up to these bullying tactics, and are helping support rational, evidence-based decisions rather than emotional, fear-based ones.

Impressive development of U.S. apple industry something to be thankful for

With Thanksgiving upon us, it’s a time for reflection and thanks for our plentiful harvest. At the first Thanksgiving in 1621, though, the apple varieties available to pilgrims were anything but plentiful! We explain how in the centuries since then, the U.S. has gone from growing only unappealing native crab apples to 2,500+ varieties – and that’s certainly something apple lovers are thankful for!

Examining the 1st commercially successful GE fruit: Rainbow papayas

While nonbrowning Arctic® apples are a unique product, even as biotech crops go, Hawaii’s Rainbow papaya was the very first biotech fruit to achieve commercial success. We highlight Dr. Ania Wieczorek’s excellent bulletin featuring Rainbow papayas this week, as well as some additional coverage of note, in our blog’s latest.

With increased supply, the apple industry must boost demand

Everyone wants to increase apple consumption. Consumers know apples are good for them and apple growers certainly wouldn’t mind selling more, and wasting less (currently around 40% of what’s grown goes to waste). There’s another key reason why the apple industry must boost consumption, though. We explain why, with U.S. apply production going nowhere but up, it’s imperative that domestic consumption is increased along with it.

Bright, innovation-filled future for apple industry ahead

Now that apple harvest is wrapping up in North America, and the National Apple Month is behind us, it’s a great time to reflect on the past and future of the industry. We share why the future is looking as bright as ever for apple lovers, thanks to increasing consumption, production, and innovation in the field.

“Biotech in Focus” series provides accessible, factual info

Spearheaded by University of Hawaii’s Dr. Ania Wieczorek, “Biotech in Focus” is a bi-weekly educational bulletin that provides concise, factual information on agricultural biotechnology in a manner that does not require a technical background to appreciate. We highlight this impressive series, and share a few of our favorite issues.

Ag-biotech infographics providing accessible education tools

As consumers increasingly seek out information on biotech crops, they face a barrage of misinformation from anti-GMO activists. Many activists have no problem utilizing fear tactics by using shocking images and misrepresenting the facts, but easily digestible visuals and graphics certainly do spread quickly.

Highlighting the top reasons consumers want to buy Arctic® apples

Consumers may select their favorite foods for a wide variety of reasons, and that’s great, because there’s a diverse array of benefits that nonbrowning apples offer. As part of our mall intercept survey, we asked shoppers to let us know which facts made them more likely to want to buy Arctic® apples, and we share the top six in our blog’s latest post.

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