Positive Arctic® apple feedback something we’re thankful for

With Arctic® apples achieving commercial approval earlier this year, we were able to send a small number of Arctic® apple samples to a handful of industry leaders, bloggers, journalists and apple lovers this fall. As we explain, the response has been overwhelmingly positive, and that’s something we at OSF are thankful for!

World Apple Report provides a “Precautionary Tale of Citrus Decline”

The Nov. 2015 issue of the World Apple Report included an insightful overview of the damage suffered by the citrus industry due to citrus greening disease. The piece explains that, despite the availability of a legitimate potential biotech solution, concerns of consumer backlash have led to millions of dollars being spent searching for alternatives. The report’s author has kindly granted us permission to share this article in its entirety, which we encourage you to view on the Arctic® apples blog.

We're hiring: Marketing Communications Specialist

Marketing Communications Specialist

Okanagan Specialty Fruits Inc. ( is a dynamic agricultural biotechnology company based in Summerland, BC, Canada that specializes in the creation of novel tree fruit varieties. This position supports our constantly expanding range of activities, including commercialization of our distinctly nonbrowning Arctic® apples ( in both the US and Canada.

Arctic® apples well suited to cutting-edge mechanical harvesting techniques

Farmers are always looking to produce more food with greater efficiency, and that’s especially true when there are major challenges to overcome. For the apple industry, labor shortages are increasingly becoming an issue, which is one of the key reasons that robotic harvesting technologies are gaining traction. As we explain, significant progress is being made on mechanical harvest techniques and nonbrowning Arctic® apples could be the ideal varieties to help ease their introduction.

Blog post by “Universal Genes” highlights OSF presence at ABIC 2015

This September, OSF’s Jennifer Armen attended the Agricultural Bioscience International Conference in Melbourne, Australia, delivering a presentation on Arctic® apples and the science behind them. Today, we revisit this event through the eyes of the author of “Universal Genes”, a blog that focuses on agricultural technologies and science communication. We are pleased to share her full post, which overviews the Arctic® apples story and the importance of accessible messaging when it comes to GMOs.

OSF’s 1st time exhibiting at PMA Fresh Summit a big success

Featuring a new booth and Arctic® apple smoothies, OSF’s presence at North America’s foremost produce industry event, PMA Fresh Summit, was an unmitigated success! We highlight our favorite experiences from the show, and explain that we’re far from done for the year.

New Arctic® apple website launched, revamped to follow

We are excited to announce that we have launched a brand new website for OSF’s flagship product, distinctly nonbrowning Arctic® apples. As we explain, this revamped site will focus more on the product itself and provide valuable resources to apple consumers, while topics relating to the science behind products like Arctic® apples and the produce supply chain will be primarily explored on the OSF corporate site, which we are looking forward to re-launching later this year.

OSF to unveil Arctic® apple smoothies, other surprises at PMA Fresh Summit

With Arctic® apples receiving commercial approval earlier in 2015, we’re looking forward to sharing the latest info on nonbrowning varieties with our fellow industry members, and even better, a chance to experience them firsthand. That’s why, as we explain, we’re looking forward to next week’s PMA Fresh Summit produce show, where we’ll be unveiling our new booth, serving Arctic® Granny smoothies, and sharing some other surprises!

OSF launching Pinterest page for Arctic® apples

There are now around 100 million people using Pinterest, perhaps the most popular social media channel for sharing photos and recipes. With Arctic® apples progressing towards consumer availability, we’re excited to kick off a Pinterest page of our own to engage with apple lovers and share the versatile applications and good looks of our Arctic® apple varieties.

Apples4Ed promotion a highlight of National Apple Month

National Apple Month is always a great time for promoting greater apple consumption, and this year a new program called “Apples for Education”, or “Apples4Ed”, simultaneously promotes education too. We highlight this great initiative and share some great apple pairings and recipes from the Apples4Ed website.

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