The importance of grafting in growing genetically consistent fruit

To ensure every Gala, Granny Smith, or any other apple variety tastes the same each time, all apple orchardists rely on grafting and rootstocks to propagate their apple trees. As we explain, grafting is the only way to produce genetically consistent fruit, and the ability to choose rootstocks with specific characteristics is a key component of modern apple production.

Infographic: Modern apple production relies on grafting, adequate pollination

The process of modern apple production has been honed and improved over the years, and grafting is now how all commercial apple orchards are propagated. Additionally, the pollination process is shaped by growers as well, from bringing in bees to using crabapples to help ensure quality fruit. Our new infographic provides a visual representation of how apples are produced "from root to fruit".

Good looking produce department influential in overall store impressions

Recent studies have found that consumers single out the produce department as the most important factor for them when choosing a grocery store. With so much at stake for retailers, we explain how Arctic® apples can help their most important department give shoppers the eye-appeal they’re looking for.

Many biotech benefits slip under the radar

Biotech crops are the fastest adopted crop technology, yet there are many significant benefits they offer that are not widely known or talked about. One of the keys to greater public acceptance of biotech foods is improved awareness of the value they offer, so we’ve highlighted five unsung biotech benefits and share some of the evidence backing them up.

Iowa farmer finds consumers embrace GE when offered benefits

David Walton, a family farmer in Iowa, recently shared some enlightening experiences when it comes to choosing between GE and conventional sweetcorn. As Walton explains in a post at the Genetic Literacy Project, when consumers received a direct benefit from biotechnology (better quality corn) they had no problem choosing it over its conventional counterpart!

Addressing consumers’ most common ag-biotech questions (Part 2)

After summarizing the expert answers for #6-10 of the GMOAnswers’ “Top 10 Consumer Questions About GMOs” last week, this week we highlight answers #1-5, including questions about biotech crops and contamination, allergens and cancer rates.

Addressing consumers’ most common ag-biotech questions (Part 1)

Recently, GMOAnswers determined consumers’ top-10 questions about biotech crops, as well as expert answers to these same questions. We provide summaries of these answers, starting with numbers #6-10 this week, and #1-5 next week.

Organoleptic vs. health benefits? Ag-biotech delivers both!

The next wave of biotech foods is on the way, ones with consumer-oriented benefits in particular, but will shoppers bite? The latest research from the International Food Information Council suggests they certainly will, and we highlight the evidence suggesting consumers will happily benefit from sensory and health benefits of these foods without being turned off by the biotech aspect (and for good reason). 

Canada & U.S. success built on combination of natural gifts & innovation – just like ag-biotech

Canada and the U.S. both boast top ten rankings in GDP-per-capita and food security, thanks in large part to a history of embracing agricultural innovation to complement their lands’ enviable crop-producing conditions. This combination also happens to perfectly describe biotech crops; and as we explain, there’s good reason to predict significant growth and success for ag-biotech, just as Canada and the U.S. have experienced since they were founded. 

Arctic® apples' nonbrowning trait the result of precise science

Arctic® apples are unique as they will be the first biotech apple to hit the market, but why didn’t we just use conventional breeding? While conventional breeding certainly has its merits, we explain that to select for one isolated trait, it makes much more sense to take advantage of the incredible precision that biotechnology provides.

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