Apple industry seeking ways to boost consumption

The numbers don’t lie – U.S. consumers aren’t eating quite as many apples as they used to. We highlight a recent article that explores that very issue and share our own ideas for how to create a consumption trigger. Namely, by opening up the door for more product applications, boosting convenience, and giving consumers a higher quality freshcut apple eating experience through the Arctic® advantage.

Nonbrowning trait enhances varietal strengths with Arctic® Granny

Granny Smith is an iconic, well established variety beloved by producers and consumers alike. Even so, there’s plenty of room to make this popular variety even more exceptional. As we explain, the nonbrowning trait offers major enhancements that emphasize the existing strengths of Grannies for both the supply chain and consumers.

Granny Smith gained prominence for its unique characteristics, but further improvement possible

The story behind the discovery and rise in popularity of the iconic Granny Smith is as unique as the apple itself. In Part 1 of our duo of “Rebranding Granny Smith” posts, we highlight how the variety earned its popularity with many desirable traits for growers and consumers alike, which makes it a great fit for one of our first two Arctic® varieties.

Nonbrowning trait can help revitalize flagging popularity of Golden variety

While supply chain challenges have led to Golden Delicious’ recent drop in popularity, a clear solution is on the way! We explain how Arctic® Golden’s nonbrowning trait can help save costs throughout the supply chain and deliver a higher quality eating experience to consumers.

Restoring the iconic Golden Delicious the reputation it deserves

Historically, Golden Delicious apples have been one of the most popular varieties in the U.S. amongst both consumers and growers. However, their stock has stagnated over the past couple decades. We explain why that’s the case and what can be done to restore the reputation of this versatile cultivar.

“Miss Arctic® Apple” to represent our region as “Miss BC Interior”

Emily Henderson, aka “Miss Arctic® Apple”, did us proud by earning the title of “Miss BC Interior” at this month’s Miss BC pageant. As she explains, her experience was truly empowering for her and she is looking forward to spending the next year promoting healthy lifestyles and body images as a representative for our region!

U.S. consumers increasingly seeking healthy & convenient snacks

Since the late 1970s, the frequency of snacking has more than doubled and snacks now make up around a quarter of the average American’s caloric intake. As we explain, this trend has resulted in a major shift in focus towards healthy, convenient snacks – a development that makes a product like nonbrowning Arctic® apples poised for great things!

New video shows planting of first commercial Arctic® apple orchard

Having received approval from U.S. and Canadian regulatory bodies earlier this year, the first nonbrowning varieties, Arctic® Granny and Arctic® Golden, can now be planted and sold just like any other apples. As you can see in a video shared on our YouTube channel, commercial production is now underway!

“Talking Biotech” podcast explores benefits of and science behind Arctic® apples

Dr. Kevin Folta’s “Talking Biotech” podcast series aims to engage in an evidence-based discussion about biotech foods by interviewing experts in the field. We highlight the latest installment in which Dr. Folta interviews OSF President Neal Carter for an exploration of the benefits of Arctic® apples, the rigorous road to commercialization, and much more.

OSF supporting contestant in Miss BC self-developmental program

Emily Henderson, a young woman who calls Summerland, BC home just like Okanagan Specialty Fruits, will be representing OSF as “Miss Arctic® Apple” at the upcoming Miss BC pageant in Langley, BC. In our blog’s latest, Emily introduces herself, explains why she felt OSF was a perfect fit as her sponsor, and describes Miss BC’s self-development program and their support of an important cancer-fighting charity.

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