Convenience stores embracing healthy food options

Consumers are increasingly seeking out healthy foods, especially those they see as convenient. So, as we explain, it makes perfect sense that convenience stores are stocking more healthy offerings than ever, once again demonstrating that there are few food trends stronger than demand for both health and convenience.

Letter from 9 year old fan eager for more Arctic® varieties!

We at OSF have always been eager to engage with consumers whenever possible, and now that Arctic® apples are getting closer to availability, we’re thrilled to be getting more feedback than ever. And, in perhaps our favorite letter yet, nine year old Jake Lutick-Fuller passes on some great advice and well wishes to the OSF team!

USDA APHIS to grant Arctic® apples nonregulated status

In Okanagan Specialty Fruits’ biggest milestone yet, the first two nonbrowning apple varieties, Arctic® Granny and Arctic® Golden, are about to be deregulated in the United States. Today, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) announced they will grant Arctic® Golden and Arctic® Granny apples “nonregulated” status, meaning they can now be planted and grown just like any other apples.

Produce for Better Health Foundation: OSF an Industry Champion for 2014

We have exciting news to share as Okanagan Specialty Fruits has been named a 2014 “Fruits & Veggies—More Matters” Industry Champion by the Produce For Better Health Foundation (PBH)! We provide an overview of this announcement, as well as PBH’s mission to increase production education and consumption.

Winter pruning essential to a successful apple orchard

While most may not realize it, apple growers are kept busy throughout the winter pruning their orchards to ensure manageable, bountiful, harvests. OSF’s Joel Carter highlights the importance of pruning, and shares his own strategies in tending to the Carter’s orchard, in our blog’s latest.

CWSL's Joanna Sax discusses GMOs & public opinion

When it comes to new technologies, there is often a disconnect between the science community and the general public, and GMOs are no different. California Western School of Law's Joanna Sax, PhD, JD, explores this issue in a guest post on

Ready-to-eat popcorn revitalizes industry, Arctic® apples can do the same

Since the mid-1990s, popcorn sales have been quite stale, yet in the past couple of years the industry has been resurgent thanks to booming interest in ready-to-eat popcorn. We highlight a new report demonstrating the simple convenience of bagged, pre-popped popcorn has led to 60% growth in the category since 2012, and why this is a success story that nonbrowning Arctic® apples can emulate.123

Highlighting our most popular posts of 2014

This past year saw our Arctic® apple blog surpass its previous record for average daily traffic, and we highlight the most popular posts from each month of 2014.

OSF Op-Ed highlights educational efforts, rise of biotech crops with consumer benefits

To date, the vast majority of biotech crops have had agronomic benefits, rather than sensory or nutritional enhancements. However, as OSF president Neal Carter explains in an opinion piece for Fresh Fruit Portal, increasing educational efforts and an upcoming wave of biotech crops with direct consumer benefits will have a positive impact on public perceptions of ag-biotech.

Brewers take advantage of biotechnology to develop distinctly flavored beer

A little-known fact is that the origins of biotechnology are closely tied to attempts at brewing improved flavors of beer. And, the relationship between biotech and beer is far from a relic of the past; we highlight a small company embracing the mission of creating better beer with the help of biotechnology.

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