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“Frankenfood” – the very term is evidence that the communications environment around food produced through biotechnology, also known as genetically modified foods (GMOs), is highly emotionally charged. All too often, a small but vocal minority is driving the discussion about biotech foods. In the process the majority mainstream consumers’ wants and needs are lost.

Recent third-party research indicates that consumers are accepting of biotech foods when the modification benefits the consumer – added health or nutrition benefits, or more flavor, for example. Arctic® apples offer benefits to every link in the supply chain, with consumers being the ultimate benefactors.

We understand that such general research isn’t necessarily a predictor to how consumers will react specifically to Arctic apples. So we have worked with a leading consumer research to confirm what we suspected: Consumers are interested in a nonbrowning apple, especially when they get to learn just a little bit about the science behind them!

We have complete confidence in the safety and benefits of Arctic apples. We used apple’s own genes to create nonbrowning Arctic apples, and apple trees generally are unlike other genetically-improved plants that are already in the marketplace. Consumers should be given the chance to learn all the facts for themselves, and decide if there is a place for Arctic apples on their plates.??

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