The advantages of a nonbrowning apple are clear

Nonbrowning Arctic® apples do more than simply solve a pesky apple problem – they offer very real benefits and advantages, from producer savings to greater consumer appeal.

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  • Nonbrowning varieties apple consumers already love: Nonbrowning Arctic apples will enhance the appeal and even extend the product life of established apple varieties. Any variety can be produced as a nonbrowning Arctic apple variety.
  • A nonbrowning apple provides a competitive advantage: Arctic apples will provide a competitive advantage for North American producers over apples produced abroad.
  • A nonbrowning apple is completely safe: By the time Arctic apples arrive in the marketplace, they will likely be the most tested apple ever brought to market.
  • A nonbrowning apple will see more people, buying more apples, more often, in more places: Arctic apples will provide a more family-friendly snack or dessert; a healthier meal at a school, hospital or other cafeteria; a new ingredient in a pre-packaged salads; a healthy, convenient fast-food menu item; a new flavorful, colorful juice; or a more appealing side dish, garnish or dessert on a restaurant meal. 
  • A nonbrowning apple is a value-added product: Arctic apples will allow apple producers to add value to their product lineup, after years of struggling to reduce production costs. A freshcut apple sold in a clamshell at a coffee kiosk, or served as part of in-flight meal, will mean higher returns for producers and processors.
  • A nonbrowning apple that is patent protected: To protect licensees and shareholders’ investments, Arctic apples are fully protected under national and international patent laws through both genomic patent protection and new apple variety plant patents or plant breeders’ rights.
  • A nonbrowning apple offers freshcut advantages: Freshcut Arctic apples reduce the need for expensive antioxidant treatments, allowing the natural flavor of the apple to shine through. Minor bruising resulting from processing, shipping or handling will no longer spoil the appeal of this growing line of apple products.
  • A nonbrowning apple increases consumption for better health: Arctic apples will maintain their appeal to the very last bite, helping consumers reach the government-recommended fruit intake for better health and healthier weight.
  • A nonbrowning apple increases consumer value perceptions: Arctic apples will result in less food waste in the home, providing consumers with greater value for their money.
  • A nonbrowning apple offers new product options: Apple products made from Arctic apples will be nonbrowning, offering processors more options, such as clear juice for blending and other product line extensions.
  • A dried nonbrowning apple can be marketed as sulfite-free: Dried Arctic apples won’t require treatment with sulfites, which causes respiratory and other reactions in sensitive consumers.

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